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Quality and CSR

We consider it only natural to take responsibility for our actions, especially when they affect our society as a whole.



Your satisfaction is the most important condition for a good long-term relationship. Our professionals strive to maintain the high quality of our services on a daily basis. We have developed a system to register the delivery indicators at the order- or line level daily.

Over the years, we have achieved a correct delivery rate of 99.8%, and each quarter we issue a detailed report on our delivery performance.

Our CSR policy

In addition to taking our responsibility for ourselves for granted, we also see corporate social responsibility as a matter of course.

Our corporate social responsibility can be traced back to our choices in terms of materials, technology, investments and suppliers. In order to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, we select our suppliers on the basis of environmental and sustainability certification, among other things.  


Waste processing

After the arrival of shipments, we separate the waste from our customers’ suppliers. This waste is 100% recycled. We use special press containers that store our plastic and cardboard so that the waste processor has to collect the containers as few times a year as possible. After this, both waste streams are 100% recycled. The waste from our wooden pallets is collected by our pallet supplier and reused to repair pallets. When processing our total industrial waste, 94% of the total waste stream is completely circular.  


Packaging materials

We only use recycled packaging board to package our customers’ goods to B2B & B2C recipients. When filling packaging for B2C orders and / or fragile goods, we use 100% recycled filling material as much as possible (100% circular by means of our own special machine). We do not use sealing foil to stack our incoming goods. If we attach an invoice or packing list on the outside of a arton or pallet, we only use 100% biodegradable self-adhesive packing list envelopes made of paper.



Our warehouse of 17.500m² is 100% equipped with LED lighting and we reduce the heating energy here. Our employees only use electric rolling stock.



To minimize our consumption of paper, we send our invoices digitally and request our suppliers to send incoming invoices digitally as well. In addition, all employees use a Dopper bottle and drivers only use recycled cardboard cups. Our relations can also use our electric charging station for your EV in front of loading dock 22 for free during their visit.  


Preferred suppliers

Our preferred suppliers’ CO2 emission reduction policy is an important part of any collaboration. See our collaborations below:

  • Our waste treatment process is provided by GP-Groot.
    • View their certificates here
  • Our packaging material is supplied by DS-80.
    • View their actions and news in the field of Environment and Sustainability here.
  • Our home carrier is DHL Parcel.
    • Check out their GoGreen project where they are aiming for 50% emission free in 2025 and 100% emission free in 2050.