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Return logistics

The importance of a well-organised return flow should never be underestimated. The return flow is an integral part of the total chain, and should not be considered as only a cost post.

In many cases, it is a vital element of the sales concept (right of return), because your customers usually have the option of returning the product after delivery.

You can choose how your customers can return the items, including: having the customer organise the return shipment themselves, dropping it off at one of the 4.200 pick-up points (expecting 6.000 at the end of 2023) , returning to a post-paid answer number, or having us collect the item.

Upon receipt of the returned package, you can expect the following from us:


  • inspect the product for damage.
  • check whether the product is still in sellable condition (odour, stains, etc.).
  • repackaging if necessary.
  • adding to the existing inventory, with an automatic notification sent to you based on the return number.