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Order processing and storage

The picking & packing of orders is our core business. We pack all orders carefully and accurately, and double-check the order as a final inspection. Our clients benefit from the convenience and certainty that the process is well-organised, and the advantage that we pick both B2B and B2C orders from a single inventory, eliminating unnecessary duplicate storage expenses.

What can you expect from us?

  • We handle, process, and ship orders the same day.

  • We pick products from a single inventory, eliminating the need for a separate B2C location.

  • After picking, the packer scans the orders and inspects the ordered items using the packing list (we can also scan serial numbers).

  • After this inspection, the products are carefully packaged according to your specifications. We offer a wide range of packaging services, including:

    • ribbon around the package
    • adding a hand-written note
    • shipping items in non-standard packaging
    • adding product samples
  • The packaged products are automatically fitted with a customised packing list with your logo (multiple languages standard) and the transporter’s barcode sticker.

  • After the order is sent, both you and the recipient will receive an automatic notification with the track & trace link. This notification will be provided in a foreign language for deliveries outside of the Netherlands. The automatic notification will be sent to the recipient in your name.